Ng-Gs408Epp Gigabit Web Managed ≪B≫Easy-Mount Switch≪/B≫≪Br≫ 8 X 10/100/1000T Poe+ (124W Budget)

Stok Kodu: 2675-319-25705

178,76 USD +kdv
214,51 USD
5.893,00 TL +kdv
7.071,60 TL
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7.071,60 TL
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  • 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 8 PoE/PoE+ ports (802.3af, 802.3at) with 124W PoE/PoE+ Budget
  • Virtually AnywhereTM Easy-Mount system allows for:
          1. On a Wall.
          2. Under a Tabletop/Desktop.
          3. On a rectangular or round pole.
          4. Up in the ceiling.
          5. In a standard 19-inch rack  
  • Multi-directional power cable can be routed outwards or downwards
  • Internal power supply (simple power cord from switch to outlet)
  • LED lights can be turned off for non-distracting placement next to a TV



  • 192KB packet buffer memory (dynamically shared across only used ports)
  • 16 Gbps non-blocking fabric (bandwidth)
  • 4 Priority queues
  • Weighted Round Robin (WRR) priority queuing
  • 4K Media Access Control (MAC) addresses with 48-bit MAC address
  • 128 Multicast groups
  • 64 VLANs
  • Jumbo frames up to 9K packet size supported



  • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging
  • Port-based VLANs (physical)



  • IGMP snooping, v1, v2 and v3
  • Blocking of unknown multicast traffic


Link Aggregation

  • IEEE 802.3ad - Static LAGs
  • 2 LAGs with max 4 members in each LAG


Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Port-based rate limiting (ingress and egress)
  • Port-based QoS
  • IEEE 802.1p COS
  • IPv4 DSCP
  • IPv4 ToS
  • Weighted Round Robin (WRR)


Network Security

  • Broadcast, multicast, unknown unicast storm control
  • DoS attacks prevention


Reliability, Performance and Troubleshooting

  • Port mirroring both on ingress and egress traffic
  • Jumbo frame support
  • Broadcast storm control
  • Cable diagnostics
  • Loop detection
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) compliant
  • Broadcast, multicast, unknown unicast storm control



  • Password management
  • Web browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) for advanced configuration and management
  • ProSAFE Plus Configuration Utility (PCU) for multi-switch management (requires Windows PC)
  • Firmware upgrade via HTTP (Web GUI) or TFTP (Plus Utility)
  • Config file transfers (backup, restore) using web browser-based management GUI or Plus Utility
  • Port mirroring; many-to-one port mirroring
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) IEEE 802.3az (deactivated by default)
  • Short cable power reduction
  • Auto power-down
  • Broadcast, multicast, unknown unicast storm control
  • DHCP client





































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